Our clean eating kitchen

A small sample of the healthy food to be found in the Gignac kitchen.
A small sample of the healthy food to be found in our kitchen.

When we really started watching what we were eating last year, I was like a deer in the headlights for about 2 weeks. There were tears and some angry words, and to my shame, even some whining..and I am NOT talking about my kids! 

I honestly didn’t know where to start! We used to eat pretty much everything with added salt, butter, sugar, gravy, sauces..if it was bad for you, I cooked it! I was really bad for baking, though. I thought that if there wasn’t something freshly baked in my kitchen that I wasn’t doing my job as a mother. So sad. Not gonna lie, I miss it a little a lot.

I had to step away just to breathe and figure out how I was going to start feeding my family clean foods without driving us all crazy!! I started with eliminating one unhealthy item at a time and replacing it with a healthy substitute. Butter was the first to go. We started using coconut oil instead. Then it was salt. I replaced that with other herbs and spices like pepper, oregano and cinnamon. At one point we didn’t have a loaf of bread in the house for about a two week period. I think my kids were just about ready to disown me – no bread? How crazy was I? We usually went through an entire loaf every day!! I handmade flatbread and tortillas almost daily during that time until I got tired of spending all of my time in the kitchen. So we compromised and cut back on the bread instead.

I was definitely a time of trial and error, trying to find the right solution for our family of 6. We weren’t able to make everyone happy all the time, but at least we were all happy some of the time. There was no mutiny or bloodshed, even though at times I thought we were going to see some. 🙂

Nowadays eating healthy comes a little easier. We know what works for our family and we try new foods and recipes often. And yes, sometimes we still get takeout or go to the convenience store for chips and chocolate. But those are treats now and not everyday things. I like knowing that we’re teaching the kids about the RIGHT way to eat, and setting them on the path to a much healthier future!

Can you tell I love scrambled eggs for breakfast? 😀


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