How to organize your day – 7 tips for creating a daily schedule

Sometimes life can get chaotic, and the best way to stay organized is to have a daily schedule. Here are 7 valuable tips about how to organize your day by creating a daily schedule.

Make it a habit

Try to create your schedule at the same time everyday. Personally I like to write everything down the night before because I sleep better knowing that I won’t forget anything. Everyone has their own preference; do what works for you.


Sit down with your notebook, phone, or whatever you use to keep notes, and brainstorm EVERYTHING that needs to be done on that day. Think about things that happen regularly (Monday morning staff meetings), one-time events (a dentist appointment), household chores, phone calls and errands you need to make, and projects you’re working on.

Prioritize your tasks

The first things you should plug into your schedule are those things that have a scheduled time, like a meeting or appointment. After that you’ll need to decide what items are the most important and absolutely must get done that day versus what can wait until later.

Assign time frames

How long will it take you to do something? If it takes 10 minutes to prep dinner, 45 minutes to cook it, and 15 minutes to eat it, you will need to schedule at least one hour and ten minutes for dinner. Give yourself a cushion by allotting extra time in case something runs longer than expected.

Use time blocks

Time-blocking is an effective way to schedule categories of tasks like household chores, errands, family time, personal time and work time. This will help you narrow your focus to a particular time slot instead of looking at a wide-open schedule and getting frustrated because you don’t know where to put things.

Plug in your to-do’s

Starting at the top of your list insert those Very Important Tasks into your schedule, then continue with the rest of your items until you have all of your tasks assigned. Once you’re done, look over the entire schedule and rearrange as necessary.

Review often

It’s important to review your schedule often during the day so you can check things off as they get done, take notes about things that are/aren’t working so you can tweak it as you need to, and add new items in as they come up.

Congratulations, you’ve just created an organized daily schedule!


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