Organize your takeout menus and restaurant coupons

It seems like every time I open my mailbox, I find at least one set of coupons from a fast food joint or local restaurant, so the other day I decided to find a way to organize all of those takeout menus and coupons into one place instead of having piles all over my kitchen.

Sort them into a pocket folder like I did with this quick and easy project. Keep it in your kitchen or near your phone for those days when cooking at home isn’t an option.

It only took a few minutes, and my kids loved helping me decorate it!Front of takeout menu folder

I used a pocket folder (in my favorite color!), placed a blank label on the front and found some letter stickers in a fun font for the name. Then I let my kids go to town with some stickers of their own.Labeled pockets of takeout folder

Then I gave the pockets on the inside the same treatment, labeling one side “menus” and the other “coupons”.Pile of takeout menus and coupons

After that was done, I started sorting through the stack of menus I had set aside. (Note: make a point of purging these once in a while, I swear they multiply on their own!)Completed inside of takeout menu folder

Voila! All done and looking good! Simple, cute and organized!


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