Fun and easy homework station

Ah, back to school! It makes Moms everywhere (including me) do a little happy dance! It also means that it’s time for some new projects around the house, the first of which is setting up a homework station for the kids.

I started with a blank canvas, this old desk we’ve had for years. We’re looking for a new one, but until we find one this will do just fine.Empty corner desk

I added some basics: a chair, a lamp, and a calendar.Corner desk with chair, lamp and calendar

Kids gotta write, right? So I added this cute little hedgehog pencil holder and filled it with colored pencils. I also included some paper, craft scissors and jars of pens, pencils and markers.Desk with writing supplies

Pencil holder, craft scissors and paper

Pen and marker cups

A dictionary and thesaurus are pretty handy tools for grade-school kids when they’re doing homework, so they have a spot here too, along with some extra duo-tangs, binders and other office supplies like paper clips and a stapler. I threw some books and magazines in there too, just in case they need some inspiration or want to take a break.Desk with office supplies

Desk with art supplies and binders

Finally, I wanted to add some personality to their work space, so I put some fun touches here and there, and included some of the kids’ past craft projects.Completed homework desk

This homework station has everything the kids need to do their work in a space that is fun and efficient at the same time! Do you have a space in your home dedicated to homework?


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