Creating a weekly cleaning schedule

I swear I ‘ve tried every cleaning schedule and routine that’s out there. I’ve tried concentrating on one room a day, doing all the cleaning on the weekend, working from an extremely detailed list..on and on, but nothing ever stuck. I ultimately realized that using somebody else’s routine just wasn’t going to work for me!

So I sat down with pen and paper to plan out a schedule that would work for my family and our unique needs. I started by listing chores that I would need to take care of daily, weekly, and twice weekly. It looked like this:


  • Sweep common areas
  • Dishes
  • Quick clean bathroom (sinks, counters, toilet seat and rim)
  • General tidy
  • Recycling out to the appropriate bins


  • Mop
  • “Touchables” (doorknobs, bannisters, light switches, door and window frames)
  • Mirrors and windows
  • Cobwebs, ceiling fans and lights
  • Office work and planning (filing, meal planning, blog planning, finances)
  • Kids’ bedrooms (their responsibility)
  • Yard work
  • Garbage and recycling out for collection
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal prep
  • Disinfect garbage cans


  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry (evening only)

You might find that my list has a few “duh, really?” items on it (grocery shopping, anyone?) but trust me, in our house if it’s not written down, it might not get done!

My next task was deciding what days to do the weekly and twice-weekly chores on. Weekends were pretty easy to plan without assigning specific days for most of the weekend chores. Since the kids don’t have school on the weekends, that’s the perfect time for them to clean their bedrooms. Yard work, shopping, and meal prep are also weekend chores. Our garbage and recycling collection happens on Monday mornings, so taking those out and disinfecting the garbage cans happen on Sundays.

The other major task I have planned out for the weekend is laundry. Electricity is cheaper during the evenings and on weekends, so the majority of our laundry happens on Saturday and Sunday. And since the kids clean their bedrooms on the weekend, that is the perfect time for washing sheets and blankets!

The rest of our laundry is done Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We are a family of six and we go through A LOT of clothes. I like to space out the laundry so there’s always an opportunity to wash what needs washing, like sports and gym clothes.

Here is what my week looked like so far:

  • Monday – free
  • Tuesday – laundry
  • Wednesday – free
  • Thursday – laundry
  • Friday – free
  • Weekend – bedrooms, yard work, shopping, meal prep, garbage/recycling out (Sunday), disinfect garbage cans (Sunday), laundry

Next I wanted to space out the things I need to do twice a week. Dusting and vacuuming kind of go hand-in-hand, and I like to make sure that the place looks spiffy for weekend visitors, so I decided to do those together on Tuesdays and Fridays. I like to have a fresh and clean bathroom after a weekend of having everyone home, so Mondays and Thursdays were chosen for that chore.

Wednesdays were still wide open, so since mopping is a major chore (I get down on my hands and knees and SCRUB  for this one, folks) I chose a day when nothing else was happening. I also make sure I get the baseboards at the same time since I’m down at that level anyway.

Here’s the schedule now:

  • Monday – bathrooms
  • Tuesday – laundry, dust, vacuum
  • Wednesday – mop
  • Thursday – laundry, bathrooms
  • Friday – dust, vacuum
  • Weekend – bedrooms, yard work, shopping, meal prep, garbage/recycling out (Sunday), disinfect garbage cans (Sunday), laundry

The only things left were windows and mirrors, “touchables”, ceiling fans and lights, and office work and planning.

Our weekly paper with the flyers comes on Thursday, so office work and planning was a great chore for Friday. I can sit down after my other chores and go through the weekly specials at our grocery store and meal plan to my heart’s content. While I’m sitting, I can do my budgeting, pay some bills and get all of my filing done, along with any other office chore that needs to be done that week.

Since Tuesdays were dedicated to dealing with dust, I thought cleaning the ceiling fans and lights were a perfect fit. Start at the top and work your way down! Mondays and Thursdays I had my microfibre cloths out anyways for cleaning the bathrooms, so I decided that Mondays were great for windows and mirrors, and Thursdays were good for all of our “touchables”.

Here is my finalized weekly cleaning schedule:

  • Monday – bathrooms, windows and mirrors
  • Tuesday – laundry, dust, vacuum, ceiling fans and lights
  • Wednesday – mop
  • Thursday – laundry, bathrooms, “touchables”
  • Friday – dust, vacuum, office work and planning
  • Weekend – bedrooms, yard work, shopping, meal prep, garbage/recycling out (Sunday), disinfect garbage cans (Sunday), laundry

The trick to creating a cleaning schedule  is deciding what chores need to be done and how often you need to do them. Then you can look at the rest of your week and find other things that affect when you do these chores, like when your paper is delivered or what day your garbage is collected. Use this information to create a cleaning schedule that will work for you!

Happy cleaning!


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