How to store bed linens (when you don’t have a linen closet)

If you are fortunate enough to have a linen closet then you probably won’t need to read this post. However, if you’re one of the unlucky ones, like me, who doesn’t have a dedicated linen closet, how do you store your bed linens?

The first solution that comes to mind is buying a stand-alone piece and creating your own linen closet. You can find a lot of options for storage pieces – cabinets, bookshelves, wardrobes – but this is the easiest solution if you can afford it and you have the space in your home.Master bedroom linen closet storage

You can also try carving space out of a bedroom closet. At my house this is the solution that makes the most sense and works best for my family. Every bedroom has a space to store bed linens for that particular bed, so when it’s time to change the sheets I can do it in a flash! The size I need is right there. Plus it’s easy to tell when I need to replace a set (we try to keep at least 2 sets per bed, 1 flannel and 1 cotton).Bedroom closet linen storage

Bedlinens can also be stored in a dresser (using either just a drawer or the entire thing), bookcase, chest, or another piece of furniture you already have. It might take some time to organize items in a way that makes sense, but this is a pretty cheap and easy way to store your sheets and blankets.Stand-alone pantry linen storage

You can try hanging baskets from a wall and storing them in there, or using a wall shelf and having them on display, especially if you have sheets with details like lace, monograms or pretty patterns.Bookcase linen storage cubby

If you like to keep your sheets and extra blankets dust-free and out of sight, store them in a clear plastic bag or bin in your closet or under your bed. You can see at a glance what’s in there but they’ll be nicely tucked away.Underbed linen storage

A nice wrinkle-free option is to hang them in your closet if you have the space for it! Make sure to use heavy-duty hangers and keep sets together to make changing your bed linens quick and easy.Hanging linen storage

How do you store your bed linens if you don’t have a linen closet?


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