The one thing your household budget MUST HAVE to succeed

Budgets are a necessity for most families, big or small. You need to be able to plan for future expenses and get from paycheck to paycheck without starving, right?

But it’s scary how easy it is for a budget to get derailed. And usually the cause can be boiled down to one reason – the lack of commitment.

If there is one thing that will help your household budget succeed it is the total commitment to the budget from BOTH partners..if one is on board but the other isn’t, it’s going to be really hard to track how you are doing financially.

Working together you need to sit down and figure out the details, deciding where to spend, save, and splurge. You must be honest with each other, and you have to be able to communicate with each other about your plans, goals, wants and needs.

Budgets aren’t set in stone; life happens, and your budget will experience occasional hiccups. But if you are both committed to the process you’ll be able to tweak your household budget when it’s needed, fix any problems, and reach your goals together.

Admittedly, the household budget is one area where my husband and I have problems sometimes. I like to plan down to the last cent, and he’s more of the “fly by the seat of his pants” type of guy. Yeah, it’s frustrating sometimes. For both of us. And we’re working on it. But we realize that even though we have different spending styles, it is possible to hash out a budget that works for our family AND our different spending styles by communicating, trusting each other, and being committed to reaching our goals.


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