Loose change containers (and why you should always have extra cash at home)

Our house used to have loose change everywhere. You could find it on the kitchen counter, on our living room end tables and on the bedroom nightstands, in bowls in the junk drawer..really, anywhere that a person could drop it and walk away. And inevitably, when we needed change for something, we had to go on a treasure hunt to find what we needed.

The reasons for always having cash on hand varies from home to home, but in our case it’s mostly because of last-minute trips to the store for meal ingredients or to pay for school events (that I generally don’t hear about until just before the kids walk out the door in the morning). There are few things more frustrating than having dinner almost cooked and discovering that you’re out of that one ingredient you MUST have to finish the meal! Or when your little ones start tearing up because all of their friends get to go to the bake sale, why can’t they?!?

Nowadays we keep all the loose change in a container in one place..no more endless searching! It’s been a real time-saver in our house, so I thought I’d share some ideas with you so you can save time and your sanity, too!

Use a jar…Change jar

We use this cute little jar with a cork lid. It stays in our kitchen, close to the door we use most often. It’s easily accessible and in plain sight, and that’s made it easy for everyone to get in the habit of throwing their coins into the jar instead of on the counter or in a drawer. Mason jars are a less expensive version of this, and you can decorate them however you like.

a plate or a bowl…pretty plate to hold loose change

Find a pretty wood, metal or porcelain bowl or plate if you’re going to leave it out where you can see it, or you could place one in a drawer if it’s less decorative. You can also use a small plastic storage container or wash and reuse a margarine container. Thrifty and practical!

or maybe a ladle…

Ladle to hold loose change

Hang a ladle from the wall beside your door, and use it to keep the cash off your countertop.

How about a cakestand?

DIY cakestand

You can DIY one of these babies for next to nothing with two plates and a candlestick! Use one plate for your change and the other for keys and other small items you don’t want to lose.

Use a classic

piggy bank

Bring back your childhood with a classic piggy bank. Cute!

Pocket that change

wall pocket

It’s only natural to put your loose change in a pocket..why not use that habit and buy or DIY a wall pocket? Like the ladle, it will keep your countertops uncluttered and be a great conversation piece for guests. It’s unexpected and memorable, perfect for encouraging your family to be tidy!

Do you have any other great ideas for keeping your loose change handy?


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