Organize your instruction manuals with a binder

For ages I had a container hidden under my bed, absolutely stuffed with every manual for everything I’ve ever purchased. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration..not EVERY manual, but it sure seemed like it. Whenever I needed to vacuum under the bed, I had to drag that thing out, and then back it went. Out of sight, out of mind.

Last week I needed to find a manual for something so out came the container. What should have taken me a couple of minutes at most ended up being a nightmare of outdated instruction booklets and dust bunnies. I’m allergic to dust, so no, it wasn’t fun.

Since I was already sneezing, wheezing and covered in hives I dove right back into it to purge the outdated manuals and sort the remainder into an organized binder. What a relief to know I will never, ever have to do that again!

Here are the materials I used: a 3″ binder, dividers, a hole-punch, binder clips, and some clear plastic binder pockets to hold the really small or awkward items. manuals binder dividers

I sorted the manuals like-with-like, and labeled my tabs: kitchen (large), kitchen (small), living room (large), living room (small), office, laundry & bathroom, bedroom, gaming & gadgets, outdoors & tools, and home & safety.

I then hole-punched until my hand was sore – some of those manuals were so thick I had to separate the pages and do them a bit at a time. What I couldn’t hole-punch I placed in a clear pocket which I then closed at the top with a binder clip.manuals binder spine label

Lastly, I made a label for the spine of the binder. Now I can easily find it in my bookshelf without having to pull all the binders out to search for it.completed manuals binder

You can clearly see that my binder is overstuffed. It’s a little difficult to take one manual out without more falling out on their own! Next shopping trip I’ll have to pick up another binder and split the contents between the two.

Do you have a method for organizing your instruction manuals, or do you have a secret stash of them somewhere in your home?


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